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Financial accounting

We can assist you with the following services

  • Account assignment of business transactions, reconciliation and EDV-compilation
  • Implementation of the advance turnover tax
  • Drawing up of open items of clients and suppliers
  • Organization of the accounting system
  • Monthly evaluation and analysis of the current company position
  • Preparation of evaluations regarding the assets, financial positions and results of operations
  • Execution of the payment- and dunning-process

Of course there is the possibility for our clients to do their accounting themselves, partially or entirely. In this case we help finding the ideal accounting software, offer trainings for the accounting staff and inform about changes in tax law.

The future of accounting

For a company’s success, fast access to current economic data is essential. 

This is the reason why we provide our clients a web-based information platform that enables to instantly access accounting documents.

The following presentation visualizes these steps:


  • Original documents remain in your possession
  • Transfer of pendulum file folders are no longer required
  • Accounts are always up-to-date
  • By the OCR-text recognition system you can search for keywords within the documents  (central document archive with search function)
  • Online accessibility of various evaluations via our secured client area
  • payments directly from the digital document
  • digital cash book
  • availability with the highest safety standards worldwide