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We offer a comprehensive service in auditing, tax advice, economic and legal consulting. The combination of these skills make our consulting very effective.

Especially with the often change in tax-/ business-/ and company law modern software and communication technologies help us to solve the tasks of our clients.


In the field of auditing our company takes care of diverse requirements. For this reason we apply an individualized, risk-oriented approach, based on the German Principles of Proper Auditing or the International Standards on Auditing. Though, the experience and knowledge of our audit experts, as well as the application of state-of-the-art software, ensure a cost- and time-optimized audit process. The information gained in this process can provide a valuable insight and help improving internal coordination and structure. 

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TAX Advice

Tax law is exceedingly complex and subject to constant change, which is why this field requires a high degree of specialization and continuous actuality. Apart from technical qualifications, interpersonal skills are essential because tax consulting is a matter of trust.

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Business administration

In business administration, a solid basis for making business decisions is provided by economical, legal and fiscal consultation. Wirtschaftsrecht

Legal consulting

Legal consulting especially applies to the areas of civil law, commercial law and corporate law, which is provided by our associated lawyers. 

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Financial accounting

Are you committed to prepare a financial accountancy? We would be pleased to help you.

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Payroll accounting

The salary and wage accounts are constantly evolving, not only under labour law aspects but also under social security law aspects, which makes them correspondingly complex. By continuously providing our employees advanced training, we can ensure a high accounting certainty.

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